Purusant to Sup. R. 26.4, The Summit County Probate Court is purging all audio recordings of hearings that took place prior to 2012. If you need an audio recording from 2012 or before, please contact Lisa Zeno Carano at 330.643.2328 or before March 31, 2015.



Credit Cards Accepted

Effective February 3, 2014 The Summit County Probate Court Clerk’s Office will now accept credit cards. VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER can be used for transactions at the Cashier’s counter. There will be a 3% surcharge for each transaction.



Effective July 23, 2013, a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate, or other proof of paternity, shall be filed with the Court with an application for guardianship of a minor.



Transfer On Death Designation Affidavit

S.B. 124, which became effective immediately with the governor's signature on December 28, 2009, requires that a designation of a beneficiary of a transfer on death of real property must be created by affidavit rather than by deed. This means that deeds may no longer be used. However, S.B. 124 does not affect existing transfer on death deeds recorded prior to its effective date.



A message from Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer and the Summit County Probate Court on Senior Citizen Fraud Alert

Judge Stormer and the Summit County Probate Court, in partnership with local bank officials, are concerned about your safety and well-being.

Recently, the Court has been made aware of a new scam targeting seniors. A person posing as a police officer goes to the home of the senior and tells them that their accounts have been compromised. He or she then accompanies the senior to the bank and convinces them to withdraw large sums of cash from their bank accounts to “verify” the accounts.

No real law enforcement official would ever do this.

Local banks have been alerted to this practice, and we advise seniors to discuss large withdrawals with a family member or a bank representative before the transaction is finalized.

Each of the area banks has specific procedures in place to protect the savings of their customers, and large cash withdrawals will require additional paperwork to be filled out. Contact your bank to review their current policies and procedures.



Court News

The Marriage Records are now populated back to September 9, 1980. These records may be accessed through the category of “Records Search ” under the Probate Court’s home page.


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